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Knights get Blitzed

Picture credits to Mark Sandom Picture credits to Mark Sandom

Fixtures & Results

Date Venue   Opponent Result
05 Jun, 2:30 pm A South Wales Warriors 30 - 28
12 Jun, 2:30 pm H London Warriors 3 - 56
26 Jun, 2:30 pm H London Blitz 8 - 64

With injuries and absences still taking their toll the Knights knew that taking on one of the top two teams from London was likely to end in defeat – the Farnham team fought all the way to the final whistle but couldn’t stop the virtually inevitable outcome.

The Blitz had the ball first and a 9 play drive saw them move the ball on the ground and in the air to their first score and a lead they would never surrender 0-7

The Knights then suffered a quick 3 plays and out as the Blitz loaded up against their running game and the Knights replacement QB (following the loss of both starters for the season through injury) Ally Reid came close to being intercepted on 3rd down.

The Blitz came back again with a balanced attack and it was clear the Knights were missing the defensive capability of Reid, who normally plays as a defensive cornerback, as a long pass completion set them up for a second rushing touchdown and a 0-14 lead.

A six play drive saw the Knights move into potential scoring range with Nick Roope and Aaron Sekwalor both making good yards behind the blocking of their team-mates. Progress was stopped at the Blitz 24yd line and the Knights elected to try a 41yd Field Goal – unfortunately Scott Spearinks kick was blocked and the scoreboard stayed at 0-14.

Picture credits to Mark Sandom

Schmidt and Ryans – Picture credits to Mark Sandom

The Knights soon had the ball back however as an outstanding play by Linebacker Calum Giblett saw him both cause and recover a Blitz fumble on their second play.

The Knights made a net loss on their next drive however and were forced to punt the ball away as the first quarter ended.

The Blitz broke another big run on their next possession which saw them inside the Knights 5yd line – a pass interference penalty inside the endzone saw them on the Knights 1yd line and a QB dive completed the drive for a 0-21 scoreline.

The Knights were moving the ball on the ground again but suffered a disaster as the exchange between the Center and QB resulted in a fumble that was recovered by the Blitz. Three plays later the Blitz suffered the same issue as their running back fumbled the ball and Josh Oakley came up with it for the Knights.

The Knights struggled to gain yardage – on 3rd down QB Reid unleashed a long pass which seemed destined for Wide Receiver Stephen Godfrey but contact by the Blitz defender prevented a catch and left the home team punting as the referees controversially decided not to call the penalty.

The Blitz went straight to work and a long tackle breaking run saw them extend their lead after just three plays to 0-28

The Knights Offense then conceded a score as a incomplete backward pass was recovered in their endzone for another Blitz touchdown and a 0-35 lead.

Determined to make up for their mistake the Knights Offense hit back immediately as young star Aaron Sekwalor caught Reid’s short pass and raced 64yds to score. Nick Roope ran in the Knights two point conversion and the score stood at 8-35

The Blitz were keen to hit back quickly and a long run – aided by a clear block in the back which again should have been a penalty – saw them in a position to throw a 6 yd scoring pass to which they added a two point conversion for a 3-43 half time lead.

The second half was shortened by the running clock rule that kicks in when a team trails by 35 points or more – but there was still time for the Blitz to score twice in the third quarter and once more in the final period for their 8-64 winning margin

Head Coach Steve Rains said “British football is dominated by two teams at the moment – the London Warriors and the London Blitz -we have had to play them back to back after suffering the loss of both of our quarterbacks – it was never going to be easy and we have suffered two heavy defeats as a result of that.

We now however have a run of games where in the first half of the season we lost by 1 point, 2 points and won by 36-0. There is still a lot to play for and the positive thing we can take from the last two games is that our team didn’t give it up at any point. We need to bounce back strongly when we go to Bristol next week – anything is possible”

Passing: C Goodall 2S 3A
M Schmidt 1S 4A
D Francis 1S 3A
J Oakley 1S 3A +1FR
M Williams 2S 1A
A Gillard 2S
S Spearink 2A
J Thornton 2A
B Bashary 1S 1A
C Giblett 1S 1A +1FF +1FR
J Vince 1S 1A + 0.5Sack
D Ryans 1S 1A
V Fedotov 1S 1A
T Outhwaite 1S
T Roberts 1S + 0.5 Sack
R Hedges 1A
JP Jones 1S
A Makinen 1A
R Balderson 1A + 0.5Sack
T Tame 1A
 A Reid 3 of 14 for 69yds 1TD
N Roope 0 of 1 for 0yds
A Sekwalor 1 for 64yds 1TD
JP Jones 1 for 3yds
S Wills 1 for 2yds]
N Roope 12 for 60yds
A Sekwalor 7 for 37yds
A Reid 1 for 1yd
R St Hilaire 2 for 1yd
J Podger 1 for 0yds
S Rance 1 for -1yd
J P Jones 1 for -4yds
S Godfrey 4 for 75yds
N Roope 2 for 40yds
J Thornton 2 for 11yds
Rushing 25 for  94yds
Passing 3 of  14 for  69yds
TOTAL 39 for 163yds



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