Farnham Knights

Knights Launch New Team

The Farnham Knights are pleased to announce the launch of an Adult Kitted Development team for 2017 bringing the club a grand total of 5 teams across 3 disciplines. With some of the best coaches in the UK working with the Knights, squad numbers have swollen recently meaning the depth chart was getting a little too deep at some positions, the next natural progression and following in the footsteps of the Premiership perennials the London Blitz and Bristol Aztecs, was to form a development squad to allow newer players to grow and thrive on the field and injured players to get onto the field and aid their recovery. The development team will train alongside the main squad, benefitting from the coaching of Britball legends such as Coach Neil Edwards, Coach Mark “Tango” Lockwood and Coach Peter “Too Tall” Fields and play friendlies in 2017 with the aim to enter division 2 in 2018.

Club General Manager David Ferebee said “the club gets bigger and stronger every year but we were seeing talented rookies suffocating amongst the veterans and that’s just wrong, we need to encourage new blood into the club and nurture that talent until it’s ready to help us win trophies”.

The Knights fell on tough times in 2012 with the withdrawal of their adult team from competition but began the modern era in 2013 in division 2, stepping up to the newly formed division 1 in 2015 and the Premiership in 2016, the focus for the management and coaches has been to build a strong sustainable team and this can be seen in the Knights U19 and U17 teams and the Knights sister team, the Cobham Cougars who reached the U17 national finals in 2016.

Assistant Head Coach Peter “Too Tall” Fields said “I love this club and we’re going to win titles, I want the Knights to be the best in Europe, not just the UK. This is a natural step for us, we’re only going to get bigger and better.”

Anyone wanting more information about joining the Knights or the development team can contact the clubs management through the club’s website contact form.



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