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Knights announce 2017 Coaching Staff

The Farnham Knights American Football have selected Britball legend Mark “Tango” Lockwood as Head Coach of the Adult team for the 2017 campaign in the BAFANL Premiership South. Coach Tango has been part of the Farnham Knights family since the mid 80s, starting out as a key member of the Offensive Line and then as the Offensive Line Coach. Known for producing some of the best Offensive Lineman in the UK, Coach Lockwood has also coached, played for and captained both Team England and the GB Lions.

Coach Lockwood has selected a veritable “who’s who” of Britball as his coaching staff starting with Peter “Too Tall” Fields as his Assistant Head Coach, Coach Fields is one of a handful of British players to have made it to both the arena league and an NFL locker room with teams such as the Green Bay Packers, Atlanta Falcons and Miami Dolphins and brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm back to the club where he learned to play. Coach Fields will also take responsibility for coaching the Offensive Line, a unit that can boast several current and former GFL and GB Lions players.

Special Teams will be coached by Knights veterans Stewart “Ox” Clackson and Dave Carpenter. Coach Ox has been with the Knights for over a decade as both a player and coach and has played at almost every position on the field.

The Offensive Coordinator role will be filled by Olivier DeRuyter, a perennial student of the game and one of the best Quarterbacks in the UK, DeRuyter understands the offence on another level. Coach DeRuyter will be assisted by Coach Lockwood, Coach Jason Wills and Coach Caprice Thompson.

To look after the Wide Receivers will be possibly one of the best players in recent times, Clive Palumbo terrorised defences across the country with the Knights, the Blitz, the Olympians, the Kent Exiles and the GB Lions. Working alongside Coach Palumbo will be Stealey-J Wills, Coach Wills brings a degree of precision to the position, teaching the fundamentals of the game to his team mates enabling them to be all they can be, Mike Bradley-Banszki, part of the GB Lions flag team and currently studying at Oklahoma State is a testament to Coach Wills’s work.

The Defensive Coordinator will be former Farnham Knight, London Olympian, NFL Europe camp selectee, GFL Stuttgart Scorpion, Coventry Jet and 8 times National Championship Strong Safety Neil Edwards. Coach Edwards brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Knights and is widely known amongst Britball legends as the hardest hitting safety to ever play British American Football.

Former Farnham Knights Paul and Richard Foster will take up the posts of Line backer coach and Defensive Line coach respectively. To assist Coach Foster in the trenches will be two Defensive Line legends Tony Mackenzie and Thomas “Pie Boy” Roberts.

The Knights will be holding a taster day the first weekend of November followed by practice the week after. Anyone interested in trying out for our team The Knights 2017 squad should email senior@farnhamknights.com



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