Farnham Knights

Knight Juniors Start 2016 With A Win

Credit Dan Raine

Date Venue   Opponent Result
23 Apr, 12:00 pm A Buckinghamshire Wolves 20 - 29

The Knights Under 19 squad travelled to Reading University to play the Buckinghamshire Wolves, in what was the first game of the 2016 season for both teams. Farnham knew that they were in for a hard physical battle on Defence against the Wolves’ compact run heavy Double Wing Offence. Not long after the Wolves had received the opening kickoff, number 84 broke free and ran for 40 yards to open the scoring. The extra point failed but the home team led 06-00.

Farnham recovered an onside kick attempt and looked to have responded early but the touchdown pass was negated by a penalty. On fourth down the Knights went back to the pass and Jamie Anker looked to have overthrown his Wing but Charlie Heath-wise leapt high into the air, for what will always now be known as “The Catch”, to secure the tieing touchdown. The extra point kick was good and the Knights led 06-07. Farnham decided to onside kick themselves and they recovered the ball. The offense made long gains on the ground but a fumble gave the ball back to the Wolves at the end of the first quarter. Both teams traded possession after good defensive work and the Wolves offense found themselves just before midfield. Then number 84 again broke free on a reverse for a 55 yard touchdown. The extra point failed as the Wolves retook the lead 12-07.

The Wolves tried to onside kick again and again the Knights recovered. With a short field it wasn’t long before Jamie Anker found Charlie Heath-wise from 35 yards out for another Knights aerial touchdown. The extra point was blocked but the Knights now led 12-13. The Knights Defence stepped up a gear giving their Offence another chance to score before the half. The Offence responded with not one but two touchdowns, however both were called back for penalties. The Wolves Defence then batted down two more endzone passes to close out the half at 12-13.

The Buckinghamshire Wolves went for yet another onside kick to start the second half with the Knights happy to recover and get great field position. However the Wolves intercepted Jamie Anker to give their Offence a chance, a chance the Knights Defence weren’t going to allow as they went 4 and out. Possession changed again in similar fashion after another Knights interception and fumble with the Knights Defence holding firm. This time Jamie Anker hit the quick pass to tight end Adam Raine who bulldozed through a tackle for a 60 yard touchdown. The 2 point conversion was good and the Knights extended their lead to 12-21 as the 3rd quarter ended. The Knights joy was short lived as on the Wolves next drive guess who popped up to score on the same reverse play, this time number 84 sprinting in from midfield. The 2 point conversion was good and it was a one point game again at 20-21. The Knights recovered yet another onside kick however this time the Wolves Defence stiffened forcing the first punt of the day. It was worth the wait as Gavin Dyall booted it 55 yards out of bounds inside the Wolves 15 yard line. The Knights Defence smelt blood and swarmed to end the Wolves drive after 4 downs gifting the Offence great field position. Perhaps expecting pass the Wolves had no response as Tom Schoen ran in untouched for the touchdown. The 2 point conversion was good and the Knights extended their lead to two scores at 20-29. The Wolves Offence executed a long drive but the Knights Defence stopped them 20 yards out from where the Knights QB kneeled out the game to secure the victory.

Head Coach Richard Scott said after the game “It’s fair to say that 90% of what we did was top draw. Small silly mistakes kept letting us down and penalties could have cost us the game. I think we had nearly 150 yards in penalties! We however can make massive strides and gains. So many people surprised and impressed me today. Amazing to think we can do better. It is going to take hard work and effort.” MVPs were Charlie Heath-wise on Offence and Adam Raine on Defence. The Knights next game, a home one on the 8th May, has been forfeited by the Wembley Stallions. So the Farnham Knights Juniors lead their division with a Won 2 Lost 0 record before their next game at Farnham against the Nottingham Caesars on the 12th June.



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