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Who needs a Junior Programme?

Former Juniors Credit - Mark Sandom

Former Juniors
Credit – Mark Sandom

At our last home game I met Christine Reeves who was a key to the Farnham Knights Junior programme way back in the mid 80’s when I first joined the club. Talking to her got me thinking about the Knights history.

At that time the senior organisation was not entirely supportive of the junior set up – certainly the two sections ran separately.

In 1997 when I took over as Head Coach we were fortunate to secure some sponsorship which helped us to promote the club in the local area, take the team to Europe, win a National Championship and fortunately we also decided to invest in the Junior programme and make the two organisations one.

Both senior and the junior/youth programme have flourished – but why was it important to the senior team?

Some junior players have come and gone through the senior programme through the years making a huge impact but the influence of that link is stronger now than ever.

The picture shows the current Knights who have at one time been part of our Junior team set up . It includes 4 Offensive Linemen, 4 Running Backs, 3 Wide Receivers, 2 Defensive Linemen , 1 Linebacker and 2 Defensive Backs and our former Knights Junior HC Simon Srour (who also played for both our Senior and Junior teams) who now coaches our Senior defensive backfield..

That is significant influence across all departments of the current team – we are committed to growing our own talent at the Knights and that talent pipeline is set to provide still more benefits in the coming years from our current Junior and Youth programme.

Developing young players has seen many young Knights represent Great Britain at Junior level and then go on to represent their country at senior level – this is an opportunity that American Football can offer young athletes that many sports , with highly paid professional representative teams, cannot.

It has also encouraged some young players to strive for grades to attend a particular University because of its strong University American Football programme – combining sports development with development for life.

Our Junior coaching staff led by Richard Scott and our Youth coaching staff led by Chris Howard (both former Knights Juniors!) provide excellent coaching to our young players

We recently attended a local schools sports open day and have a lot of enquiries about joining the Knights – we are always recruiting at all three levels Adult, Junior and Youth please contact us through our website HERE if you are interested in being involved with the club as a player, sponsor or supporter www.farnhamknights.com



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