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Knights Juniors dismantle Gladiators


The Farnham Knights Junior team made light work of overcoming a change in game format to blast their way into the National Semi-Finals as they overcame the Colchester Gladiators in the Quarter Final at Farnham Rugby club on Sunday.

The Knights have played an 8 man version of the game through their regular season – winning their Division in the process. For the play offs however the British American Football Association insist on 11 v 11. Head Coach Richard Scott said “It’s like switching from Rugby 7’s to the full team version – but our guys have worked so hard , paid attention to their coaching staff and then executed so well – to say I’m proud is an understatement – but they still have more to do if we want to achieve our goals”

After Farnham won the coin toss and deferred their choice until the second half, Colchester returned the ball but gave the ball back to Farnham two plays later when linebacker Matthew Williams recovered a fumble. It wouldn’t take long for Williams to get himself on the scoresheet in his other role as a running back as he powered through the Gladiators defence to score, quarterback Jacob Nunnerley lofted a pass to Courtney Goodall for the conversion. It wouldn’t take long for The Knights to get the ball back again, on the very first play of Colchester’s next drive, Alfredo Ferrera hit the runner with such ferocity, that the ball popped loose before being swarmed on by Knights players. The Knights would quickly score their second touchdown of the day when Nunnerley combined with Williams to sell a perfect fake toss before handing the ball off to Aaron Sekwalor to run the ball into the endzone. A false start on the PAT would ultimately cost the Knights as Sekwalor’s dive towards the endzone was a few inches short, but overall two dropped points wouldn’t make too much of a difference.

The next Gladiator series ended in an interception as Henry Schoen read the quarterbacks pass to perfection and returned the ball to the 15 yard line. Sekwalor would then take the score to 20-0 as he collected a Nunnerley pass, but Williams was held short in the 2 point conversion attempt. After another interception; this time by Courtney Goodall, Sekwalor ran the ball in for another score before Williams did the same with the conversion. After forcing Colchester to punt on their next possession, Farnham put together a patient drive which concluded with Mike Bradley taking the ball in on a reverse. A penalty prevented the Knights from adding the extra points. There was still time for one final flourish before the half from The Knights; as the half drew to a close, the ever impressive defense managed to cause and secure another fumble but time had expired with Farnham leading 34-0 .

With a big lead behind them and perhaps with their sights set on a Semi-Final the Knights definitely came down a few gears in the second half, scoring one touchdown in the whole third quarter, even that came in the dying stages. With the Colchester battling hard,  it was Sekwalor who would get the only score of the quarter taking a deep pass all the way into the endzone, with the ensuing point after try being blocked.

With the game filtering out and with the away side looking to get some sort of consolation prize, it was finally time for The Knights defence to put some points of their own on the board, with Alfredo Ferrara intercepting the quarterback and running it back for a touchdown, with the extra point kick yet again being blocked. There was still time though for one last Sekawalor touchdown as he powered his way through the tiring defenders, with the extra point kick yet again being blocked.

The current Knights adult team features many of the Junior players who were consistent winners a few years ago – back in the Junior format and with such a great result the future looks bright for the Knights at both Junior and Senior levels.

 *Picture credits to Biff Crabbe



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