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Local Coach learns from the Big Boys

Farnham Knights youth Coach Richard Scott was given the once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars at the PennyHill Park hotel in Bagshot. Coach Scott, was one of 30 coaches from around the country that got a chance to work with the Jaguars before their game against the San Francisco 49ers at Wembley. ‘It was an offer through BAFCA (British American Football Coaches Association) for all club’s coaches to apply. Only one per entry and 30 on the day were granted access. I was the lucky Knights member.’

The Jacksonville Jaguars, who went into the game against San Francisco without a win this season, allowed the coaches to watch the team train as well as pick up some tips from members of the team’s coaching staff. ‘We got to observe the training session and see how the units worked individually, then together and how the session flowed with little disruption and time lost. We got to meet the GM and HC Gus Bradley as well as the Jaguars first every draft pick’.

When asked if he had picked up any specific tips or tricks from the Jaguars, Coach Scott was reassured that having watched how the professionals do it, that he had been doing things the right way with his team.  ‘Most of what I got from the session is re-enforcement that I have been doing the right things with the team, keeping with fundamentals and always going over the simple things, keeping training up beat and at a high tempo to allow us to play at a higher tempo’.

Having just led his team to a 3rd place finish at last month’s national finals in Doncaster, Coach Scott thinks that what he learned today will hopefully give him the edge to push his team on and try to take the #1 spot next season ‘Getting the right players each season is always a big part of the game. The Jaguars have some of the best coaches in the game and they are still looking for a win. Winning is not going to be possible unless the players have the right attitude and work ethic it takes. I will do my best to make sure then next team has the best possible chance to challenge for a title and the rest will be up to them.’





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